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The PandasMention the name Teddy & The Pandas virtually anywhere in greater New England, and you'll most assuredly get an enthusiastic response. What made this group so remarkable? For starters, this chart-breaking group from Massachusetts - one of the first in the mid '60's to actually 'make it' - appealed to an extraordinarily wide range of fans. From their earliest years they became known as 'the' live band to see, whether it be East Coast Ivy League universities, suburban dances, or society debutante balls all the way from Boston to Chicago.

Wanting to tighten their sound, this gutsy group then moved into the NY Times Square Nightclub scene, gathering a far more professional presentation, along with a more demanding, yet equally as enthusiastic, following. Finally, with two top ten hits and their entry into the national touring circuit, this superior group developed one of the most demographically diverse set of loyal fans imaginable at the time.