Early promo photo (1963-1964)

Teddy & The Pandas consisted of (standing from left to right) Billy ("Sonny") Corelle (Bass), Al Lawrence (lead vocal), Jerry Labrecque (drums), Dick Guerrette (keyboard) and (seated), Teddy Dewart (guitar).*

The 'Teddy' in their group name actually alluded to Teddy Dewart, the guitarist and leader of the group. In a 1985 interview for Record Collector's Monthly, bassist Billy Corelle recalls with humor the confusion with their group name. "Actually, I think that 90 percent of our audience believed 'Teddy' referred to our singer, Al Lawrence." (And 'Pandas'? This was, after all, the era of animal names for groups, with names like The Animals, The Turtles and, of course, The Beatles.)

*Joe Daley played rhythm guitar in the earliest Pandas lineup and Paul Rivers played lead guitar after Teddy departed for school.