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Billboard Ad '66

Here's the full page ad Musicor took out that appeared on page thirty one of the April 9, 1966 Billboard Magazine promoting the Pandas' first release on their label.


While cleaning his attic, Teddy found the notebook above. The notebook is Al's and contains the band's setlists. A close look will reveal to you what they played at a typical gig - a blend of contemporary covers and their own songs. Not sure whether the water marks are from Al's perspiration or a cold beverage glass! 



Panda Fan Letter

A Letter to the Teddy and the Pandas Fan Club from Lesli Norett in California. What she was really looking for was a copy of We Can't Go On This Way.


Teen Club Ad Teen Club Story

Newspaper ad and story about a Teddy and the Pandas performance on February 21, 1965. Panda Fan "DJ" Dan Sterling, who hosts an internet radio show, found these Panda items in his vast collection of North Shore band related memorabilia. Thanks, DJ!