The Pandas playing at Boston Garden

In the summer of 1998, more than 30 years since they first appeared, rumors began spreading on the North Shore of Boston that the original Teddy & The Pandas had been meeting and recording. When Teddy Dewart was contacted in Philadelphia by Bill Woolley, a columnist for "The Salem Gazette," he acknowledged that the group had, indeed, agreed to work on an upcoming CD. Furthermore, Teddy acknowledged that the group already had begun recording. Teddy noted, "This time around, however, we decided to push everyone out but ourselves. The song material is all ours, we are the only musicians and, owning the studio, we are the engineers and producers. We will not release anything that does not truly represent our own sound.  We feel we deserve it this time around, and so do the many fans who have remained so loyal to the group for so long."

Billy Corelle lives in New Hampshire. He still regularly plays his '64 Fender P-bass and his Lakland Joe Osborn signature model bass in preparation for the next Pandas recording sessions. He's been working with Teddy over the internet, writing music and lyrics, as well as playing keyboard and basslines for new songs.

Teddy Dewart has a home in Pennsylvania. He's been writing music non-stop and has been collaborating with Billy on some new songs, as well as digging into his archives of song writing projects from over 35 years. In 2006, he released "Dewart", a CD of songs which he wrote (some with Billy and friend of the group, Bob Wallis), performed all the instruments, and co-produced with Wallis. His single, "Straight From The Heart" recently hit Broadjam's Top Ten for the Pennsylvania Region. 

Dick Guerrette continues to live north of Boston and plays out regularly with another group, keeping his fingers and voice limbered up.

Jerry Labrecque continues to live north of Boston and runs the studio the Pandas create their magic in, he's been recording many local artists.

Al Lawrence resides in Connecticut and is exercising his terrific 'pipes' in preparation for the next sessions.


The Pandas played a reunion concert at the Vittori Rocci post in Beverly, Massachusetts, on April 19th, 2008. This was the first time that Al, Billy, Dickie, Jerry and Teddy have played live together publicly in over 40 years. Along with Al Lawrence's son, Mike, joining them on-stage with his guitar, the boys played a crowd-pleasing ten song set of their own hits and their favorite covers, to a 550+ , standing-room-only crowd.