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Pandas 2 CD Collection!

This set includes every studio recorded Teddy and the Pandas track known to exist  - 34 tracks in all!  All the tracks have been digitally remastered to provide the best sound possible and are superior in sound quality to our past CD offerings. As well, a picture-filled 12 page booklet is included with an all new Pandas biography, written by well-known garage rock and pop journalist Mike Dugo with the help of band members Teddy Dewart and Billy Corelle.

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CD One


1. Once Upon a Time (Teddy Dewart) Coristine 574 & Musicor 1176 1966
2. (Bye Bye) Out the Window (Dewart - McEwan) Coristine 574 & Musicor 1176 1966
3. We Can't Go On This Way (Bob Stone) Musicor 1190 1966
4. Smokey Fire (Teddy Dewart) Musicor 1190 1966
5. Searchin' for the Good Times (Bob Stone) Musicor 1212 1966
6. Sunny Side Up (Dewart - Corelle) Musicor 1212 1966
7. The Lovelight (Thomas - Cropper) Timbri 101 1967
8. Day in the City (Eve Rose) Timbri 101 1967
9. Childhood Friends (Dick Torst) Tower 433 1968
10. 68 Days 'Till September (Petze - King) Tower 433 1968

Basic Magnetism LP Tower 5125 1968

11. Childhood Friends (Dick Torst)
12. Kona, Idaho (Petze - King)
13. Shine A Little Light (Weinstein - Gargoni)
14. 68 Days 'Till September (Petze - King)
15. Running From Love (Dewart - Corelle)
16. Basic Magnetism (Bobby Weinstein)
17. Crossing Man (Petze - King)
18. At The Debutantes' Ball (Teddy Dewart)
19. Look Back In Love (Not In Anger) (Pedrick - Gately)
20. Raspberry Salesman (Patch - Dewart - Corelle - Lawrence)

CD Two

Unreleased Bonus Tracks 

 1. Once Upon a Time (Teddy Dewart) (an early alternate version from Teddy's tape) 1965
2. Penny (Teddy Dewart) (from Al's basement tapes) 1965
3. Something About You (Teddy Dewart) (from Al's basement tapes) 1965
4. This Time (Teddy Dewart) (from Al's basement tapes) 1965
5. Willie Dum Dum (Teddy Dewart) (from Glenn Sadin's acetates) 1966
6. Lovelight (backing track) (Thomas - Cropper) (from Teddy's acetates) 1967
7. I Want to be Loved (Tonight for Always) (Teddy Dewart) (from Al's basement tapes) 1965
8. Girl from California (Bob Stone) (from Teddy's acetates) 1966
9. Games (Bob Stone) (from Glenn Sadin's acetates) 1966
10. You're Playing with Fire (Teddy Dewart) (from Al's basement tapes) 1965
11. Boys Cry (Joe Daley) (from Al's basement tapes) 1965
12. Spring Came Early This Year (Bob Stone) (from Jerry's acetate) 1967
13. City Woman (Bob Stone) (from Jerry's acetate) 1967
14. Stagger Lee (Price - Logan) (studio session) 1984


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These are audio CD-Rs that play just like any other music CD, recorded using professional equipment and materials. This is the ONLY CD compilation authorized by the band. Teddy and the Pandas' music is taken from the original first generation vinyl, tape and acetates - the cleanest copies available  - transferred to digital and processed for noise reduction. The CDs come with full color labels and packaged in a jewel case with carefully produced graphics and 12 page booklet. Many CDs from our previous editions were sold with rave reviews!

Unsolicited testimonials about our previous CD collections:

"The sound is great and the cover work is excellent.  Thanks!  I will be listening to these babies in work tomorrow."   AL in MA

"Iíll continue to enjoy the Pandas discónice presentation"   EL in MA

" I received the CDs today and they are fantastic! Thanks so much for your prompt service and most importantly, thanks so much for all the great music Teddy and the Pandas have recorded."    BP in CA

"arrived home to the two CDs. Great job!  Very professional looking. I did listen to the CDs today, and I really enjoyed them.  The singles are especially strong......... and prove the greatness of the band. I haven't heard all the Pandas tracks, but the songs I do know and enjoy convince me that I'd like to have the "complete" Pandas catalog in my collection."     MD in IL

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