January, 2006

We've been very busy since our last "What's Happening" entry. Some of the more notable activities are listed below:

During the fall, North Shore Soundworks worked on Jeff "Jeffrey Fast-Fingers" Tanzer's new CD "Bite Into It" featuring Jeff's broad music tastes, great guitar work, and talented guest artists. North Shore Soundworks assisted with the final mix-down of the CD and performed the mastering.  Hear some of Jeff's music, read his bio, and buy his CD at http://cdbaby.com.


North Shore Soundworks has just finished working on the restoration and mastering of the music by Tor and Roy Pinney for the 60garagebands.com label, to be released on CD and titled The Chains: The Beatles of El Paso. It is due out in March. Music for the CD was gathered from nearly 40 year old demo acetates, vinyl singles and studio tapes.


North Shore Soundworks recorded the drum overdubs and some background vocals  for Vermont Christian composer and vocalist Karen Knaebel who, along with her ensemble, goes by the name Messenger, for the CD "Mama" which was released January 28th.


July, 2005

Completed a CD project with John "Shorty" Hill, who has been with notable regional groups The Shadows of Time, Lord Timothy, Shorty Hill and the Long Haulers, A Little on the Side and currently, Distant Neighbors. The new CD, So Just Get Over It!..., includes ten great tunes, including some of Shorty's own compositions. Six tunes were recorded here at North Shore Soundworks, and the CD was mastered here. More is in the works here at North Shore Soundworks from Shorty and Distant Neighbors - keep watching!

June, 2005

North Shore Soundworks completed working on the digital remastering of 39 songs performed by the 60s Stamford, Connecticut -based pop band The Fifth Estate, best known for their novel 1967 hit "Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead". The project was directed by Fifth Estate drummer, Ken "Furvus" Evans, in association with Mike Dugo of 60sgaragebands.com . Hopes are high that you'll be able to see these tracks released on a yet-to-be-named record label soon!

September, 2004

Produced by North Shore Soundworks, "Once Upon  A Time" is a 34 track, two CD collection of Boston area 60s group Teddy and the Pandas. Tracks include all the Coristine, Musicor, Timbri and Tower singles, their 1986 Tower LP "Basic Magnetism", plus 14 rare and previously unreleased tracks. The collection contains a twelve page booklet which includes the band's biography by well-known rock historian Mike Dugo, with assistance from band members Teddy Dewart and Billy Corelle.  The CD is available through their website, TeddyandthePandas.com.

July, 2004

Back by popular demand, the 60sgaragebands.com CD Archives series is back and is now available! See a detailed listing of the available CDs at the 60sgaragebands.com CD Series web page which includes complete track listing, soundclips, and more.

January, 2004

The 60sgaragebands.com CD Archives series has been officially taken out of print (but still available, contact us at 60sgaragebandsCD@northshoresoundworks.com for more information). The good news is that  60sgaragebands.com, in association with Misty Lane Records,  has released the first volume in a brand new CD series devoted to the music of the bands featured on 60sgaragebands.com.

Just For Kicks Volume One features twenty three songs, fifteen of which were digitally remastered by North Shore Soundworks for the original series, performed by The Monuments, Wet Paint, and Mouse & The Boys, and re-used for this limited edition compilation. The CDs are available in better record shops and music web sites as well as directly from Misty Lane Records .

North Shore Soundworks will be closely involved with future issues in this new series as well.

May, 2003

Popular Boston area radio station, WBOQ 104.9 FM, has been playing tracks from "The Guido Shuffle" CD by Rico Barr and the Jump n Jive Review in regular rotation. "The Guido Shuffle" CD was mastered here at North Shore Soundworks

Two new CDs have been completed here and added to the 60sgaragebands.com CD Archives series:

The Wet Paint - Chicago garage band best known for their cover of the New Colony Six's At The River's Edge on a Pebbles volume, this CD includes all four single sides, as well as four never before heard 1967 basement recordings.  Thanks to Rich White, Bill Giardini, and Dale Berman for making the CD possible.

The KanDells - Sandstone, Minnesota band legendary for the punk classic Cry Girl, this CD collects all four of their single sides plus 7 unreleased tracks...all originals except for a cover of Summertime.  This is 1960's garage at it's finest!  Thanks to Pete VanDerSchaegen for making the CD possible.

April, 2003

New 60sgaragebands.com CDs released and in production!

Just released, the Florida based '60s band, The Birdwatchers, 39 tracks - our first 2-CD collection!  Includes their classics Girl I've Got News For You, I'm Gonna Love You Anyway, Mary Mary (It's To You I Belong), songs recorded using the aliases Glass Bubble, Security Blankets, New Rock Band, Mousetrap.. and more.  We've even included an 8 page booklet with the Birdwatchers history by Savage Lost author Jeff Lemlich - who also graciously provided copies of his singles and band photos.  Thanks, too, to Birdwatchers' front-man Sammy Hall for his support of our efforts.

Feedback from Sammy Hall's webmaster, Matthew Kimball (http://www.sammyhall.com):

"I just got [the CDs] today. I'm at a loss for words! I don't know what to say! Amazing! You have put a lot of work into it, and it tells! I just got off the phone with Sammy, he got the CD's and was floored! He was amazed at the quality and had forgotten they had recorded some of those songs."

In the works...collections from '60s garagebands Wet Paint, The KanDells, The Excels and Strawberry Jam.

January, 2003

Additional 60sgaragebands.com CDs have been released!

The Monuments Collection: Direct from the master tapes!  Best known for their song African Diamonds, The Monuments hailed from Ada, Oklahoma and won the 1966 Tulsa Battle of the Bands.  In addition to their only 45 single release, the CD includes an unreleased acetate, several unreleased group originals, and unreleased takes on popular songs of the day, and bonus instrumental backing only tracks. What made this project especially interesting is the varied sources of the material - acetates, 7" singles, reel tape and studio master tapes. This allowed us to get superb sound on many of the tracks. Special thanks to Jerry Sims and Terry Bell of the Monuments for making the CD possible.

Terry and Jerry's comments:

"You knew I would love it. Terry called this evening and he is pleased very much. It is just the greatest. I wish this could be done face to face because you would get a kick out of seeing me beam. We are just so thrilled and happy.  You were so professional and nice to correspond with and keep us up on what was happening. Thank you again. It is all and more than what I hoped for."

"Your work on this project is truly appreciated. I've wanted  for years to transfer the old tapes to a CD because I knew the old tapes were falling apart. This has inspired me, and I'm sure the other band members, to get together more and just play music. You guys have made a lot of "old rock n' rollers"....very happy. Keep rockin' and keep up the wonderful work."

Mouse & The Boys - Mousetracks: All 7 singles released by one of Florida's finest soul/rock bands.  Included are their early singles when they were billed as The Deep Six and The Florida Deep Six, and their later tracks when they were known as simply M.O.U.S.E.  Includes, of course, the classic psychedelic opus Xcedrin Headache #69, a song that was recorded as a parody but that landed them in the garage band Hall Of Fame!  Special thanks to Pete Rowland for making the CD possible.

Pete's feedback:

The guys loved the layout and the CD.  I was much impressed at how much cleaner it all sounded.  I really was impressed with what you did with the beginning of “Where’s the Little Girl”.

November, 2002

60sgaragebands.com and North Shore Soundworks, in conjunction with members of some of our favorite bands, have collaborated on a new CD series devoted to preserving and celebrating the music of some of the best groups of the 1960s.

This project started as a result of the complete lack of commercial availability of The Yellow Payges body of work. While the band released ten singles, a complete LP, and a promo single, one would be hard pressed to have heard any of the songs unless he/she collected original vinyl. Frustrated at this fact, Mike Dugo of 60sgaragebands.com - with the assistance of '60's music collector and historian extraordinaire Max "Myndblown" Waller - compiled all the band's singles and, through the talents of North Shore Soundworks, had them transferred to compact disc. 60sgaragebands.com provided Yellow Payges frontman Dan Hortter with a great sounding and complete collection of singles on compact disc.

Go to 60sgaragebands.com to see other CDs in the series by Tonto and the Renegades and Larry and the Blue Notes, with more to come.

Some unsolicited testimonials from band members:

From Larry Roquemore of Larry and the Blue Notes:

"An incredible job you guys did....on our group's old singles from the '60s. Most of them were originally recorded pretty awful anyway, but y'all cleaned them up, resulting in a CD that is better than the original recordings, without losing that live feel."

"The CD is awesome. Cleanup made some of the tunes even better than the original recordings."

From Daniel Hortter of the Yellow Payges:

"The CD's came yesterday and I was overwhelmed. I never expected anything as well done as what was put together. To say I was excited would be a gross understatement."

"I want to personally thank you for the terrific job you did in putting together the Yellow Payges CD's. I guess you know by my emails to Mike that I was more than overjoyed. I haven't heard some of these since their release. I can't thank you enough."

From Tom Kirby of Tonto and the Renegades:

"I got the CD Friday. Bob REALLY nailed it this time. I don't think anyone could have done more or could have done a better job. I LOVE IT!!!!"

"The CD arrived yesterday. The artwork and packaging is great!! Really, thanks for this, I love it!!! It does blast in the car!!!"

"All I listened to this weekend was the new CD."

July, 2002

Two songs from "The Guido Shuffle" CD by Rico Barr and the Jump n Jive Review, which was mastered here at North Shore Soundworks, have made it to the top ten swing chart on SwingTop40.com this month, edging out such well established international names as The Royal Crown Revue and Les Brown!

The two tunes are "The Guido Shuffle", the CD title track written by Rico Barr, and "Robin Hood", a cover of  the Louis Prima classic.

March, 2002

The Teddy and the Pandas website at http://TeddyandthePandas.com released a new 7 track CD titled "Rarities and Forgotten Gems". North Shore Soundworks restored and digitized the tracks from 35+ year old demo acetates, audition pressings and rare singles, as well as created the packaging for the release. Go the the Pandas Shop for details on this new release, as well as the two previously released Teddy and the Pandas CDs, "The 45s" and "Basic Magnetism" by  North Shore Soundworks.

February 10, 2002

Tangerine Zoo, '60s Rhode Island-based band, released their newest CD, "Uncaged", on the North Shore Soundworks label today. North Shore Soundworks restored and digitized the music sourced from tape, vinyl and acetate for the CD . Check out the band's web site and their page on MP3.com.

February, 2002

Mastered here at North Shore Soundworks, "The Guido Shuffle" by Rico Barr and the Jump n Jive Review has been nominated as best swing song and best swing CD of the year by SwingTop40.com. Band members from the CD were nominated for the following awards as well: Dave Dubinsky best trumpet, Carl Reppucci best piano, Tom Moore best Guitar, Roger Kimball best Bass, Mike Strauss best Trombone, Rico Barr best Drummer and Lead Vocalist [2 categories] and Jim Capone best Tenor Saxophone. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the CD. Good luck guys!


February, 2002

North Shore Soundworks is working on the restoration of some tracks done by Wayne Gagnon for potential release on CD. Besides having been a member of Tangerine Zoo, Wayne went on to join the band Wadsworth Mansion whose song, "Sweet Mary", was a hit in 1971. You can hear some of Wayne's work at www.mp3.com/waynegagnon

January, 2002

We're continuing to work with '60s Rhode Island-based band Tangerine Zoo, restoring music sourced from tape, vinyl and acetate for an upcoming CD release "Uncaged". Check out the band's web site and their page on MP3.com.